Whole House Water Purification

Imagine Soft & Fresh Water At Every Tap

Yes SMART HOMEOWNERS: Hard water is no friend to you, or your household appliances… Here is an easy way to reverse the curse of hard water and have quality water from every tap.

Order Today and Protect Your Entire House

Quite frankly, its amazing how many people overlook the damage hard water can cause around their home. Yet there is a simple solution to your hard water problems… that our customers tell us pays for itself within months.

For example:

  • Hard water causes ‘soap scum’, which is as unattractive as it sounds. It leaves a sticky film on your skin and can cause itchiness and irritation. Similarly, hard water leaves your hair dull, brittle and hard to handle. Water Concept treated water reverses the curse.
  • You will save money maintaining your washing machine, water taps, air conditioner, dishwasher… and they will last years longer.
  • Your shower walls, bathtub and windows will clean with less scrubbing.
  • Love fashion? Hard water doesn’t. In fact hard water can be downright cruel on your clothes – shortening their life by up to 40%.
  • Treated water saturates and cleans better, giving you whiter, softer clothes with less detergent.
  • Your glasses and tableware will sparkle.
  • Water filters last over Five times longer.
  • Your lawns and gardens will be much happier as your soil becomes more permeable.
  • Stops lime scaling in piping, removes existing scale, and improves water pressure.

Can you imagine having high quality water throughout your entire home? Our filtration System will give you that quality water not only in your kitchen but also in your bathrooms. With a single point whole house filtration System, you will no longer need to change countless faucet or shower filters or worry about the quality of your water. With Water Concept Whole House Filtration System, you will have years of peace and mind that you and your home are protected from some of the most harmful contaminants found in the city water supply.

Featuring High Tech Water Purification Technology… The ONLY Whole House Water Purifier!!

And Why Should You Go With The Water Concept Whole House Filtration System?

  • Clean Water at every tap
  • Removes Nasty Contaminants
  • Far More Inexpensive Than ANY Rival System
  • Lifetime Support
  • Custom Built From A Company Who Cares
  • Environmentally Friendly & TOTALLY Safe For Your Family
  • An Investment That Will Pay Itself Off Within A year

Water Softening System

Model: WC-SCOM1

If your water is not hard but chlorinated, muddy, or have dust, rust, bad taste and odour then these systems are best for your Whole House Water Filtration.

Pure & Clear Whole House Filtration Systems

Model: WC-V2 Model: WC-J2

Vessels and Jumbo filteration Systems remove chlorine and other chemical tastes, odors plus dirt, dust, rust, sediments, making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house. In addition, they also protect your appliances, fixtures and pipelines. Our filteration Systems are usually placed in the main water line entering the home and generally have capacities to filter 40,000 – 100,000 gallons of water before you have to change the cartridge.

Heavy duty “Jumbo” housing with pressure relief valve NSF certified materials. Relatively long filter life – cost effective long-term operation Simple installation High flow design and extremely low pressure drop Easy to replace filters – handy spanner wrench included with all systems

Water Concept Pure & Clear?nbsp;Whole House Water Filtration System Limited Warranty

The Water Concept Pure & Clear?nbsp;Whole House Water Filtration Systems?nbsp;are carefully tested. We warrant this product to be free from defects, material and workmanship for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase.

If your?nbsp;Whole House Water Filtration System?nbsp;becomes defective due to any technical reason, simply contact our customer service department within 60 days of purchase and we will replace the damaged part free of charge (excluding shipping costs if applicable).

Because we market all of our own products directly to consumers, we work to make sure that each sale results in a customer for life. We understand that our most valuable asset is a satisfied customer. We work hard to keep our customers and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Only the original purchaser may submit a claim under this Limited Warranty.

To obtain warranty, please contact our customer service department at info@albiladh.com