R.O For Agriculture

The main application of the R.O. technology in agriculture is related to the cultivation in greenhouses, where the irrigation heavily depends on water coming from wells. In several areas the high salt content of this water is considered as a serious origin problem because of the intensification of the cultures and the general progressive desertification.

In order to improve the irrigation water quality many growers, especially the ones working in the plant nursery or crops on substrate, face high salinity problems with the more flexible and economically accessible solution which is the Reverse Osmosis technology.

Indeed, the most important measures for determining irrigation water quality and its suitability for use in agriculture are the following:

  • Total dissolved solids measured by electrical conductivity of the water (EC)
  • Sodium (Sodium Adsorption Ration or SAR)
  • Carbonates and bicarbonates in relation with the Calcium and Magnesium contain
  • Concentration of specific anions such as bicarbonate, chloride and sulfate
  • Concentration of specific cations such as sodium, magnesium and calcium
  • Chlorides and sulfates ion content

The reverse osmosis technology allows the best reduction and control of the above mentioned water constituents and the blending facilities of the R.O. units allow the growers and the agronomists to reach the best mix water quality for each specific cultivation.

Irrigation´┐Ż – BWRO 800 m3/d What RO water can do in the desert?

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