Public Drinking Water

The major problem today is represented in the shortage of potable water throughout the world and for many countries especially for the third world countries. An effective solution to this matter is available water resources like lakes, rivers, dams or underground pure water and only mechanical filtration and chemical conditioning of the water is enough to transform it to potable water.

The groundwater high salinity is the major quality problem for potable purposes, for example high salt contents of sulphate, nitrates, chlorides, sodium, fluoride, arsenic, boron, bacteria load, make the water unpalatable to humans, unsuitable for daily personal hygiene.

The membrane separation technology is used in a broad spectrum for water potabilization purposes and especially the reverse osmosis is the most common technology employed for drinking water production because of its reliability, compactness, easy installation and maintenance and low operating costs. This technology has rapidly developed over the years employing materials certified and approved by the most important health organizations as FDA and NSF and high salinity water is easily and competitively transformed into standard quality drinking water with quality parameters complying with the ones defined and issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Pakistan Water Filtration technology is alternate option which is commonly used in the urban and ruler areas in shape of Water Filtration Plants, installed by provincial government and several NGOs.

High Tech Water is playing an important role in installation of Water Filtration Plants throughout the country donated by different NGOs and individuals. We have a large variety of Water Filtration Plants according to customer demand and need.

If you want to purchase water filtration system for commercial use, or want to donate for poor and needy communities who have not approach towards clean drinking water then please contact us. We provide complete technical guidance and services to produce the excellent quality product. Our water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products. Our systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically.

Drinking water – BWRO 3000 m3/day Drinking water- SWRO 2×300 m3/day