Pressure Guages

Pressure gauges and switches are among the most often used instruments in a plant. But because of their great numbers, attention to maintenance–and reliability–can be compromised. Therefore, one goal of good process instrumentation design is to install fewer but more useful and more reliable pressure gauges. Water Concept offers water pressure gauges in a variety of configurations and pressure ratings. Water pressure gauges can have brass or stainless steel threads with a stainless steel case. We also offer high precision liquid filled gauges in addition to economy models. We carry top brand names including Ashcroft gauges and Wika gauges and can custom configure your water pressure gauge for all types of industrial applications.

Flow Meter

Flow meters are devices that measure the amount of liquid,
gas or vapor that passes through them. Some flow meters
measure flow as the amount of fluid passing through the flow
meter during a time period (such as 100 liters per minute). Other
flow meters measure the totalized amount of fluid that has passed
through the flow meter (such as 100 liters). We have different
kind of flow meter for filtration and RO plant with
best available brands in Pakistan.