Industrial R.O Plant

High Tech Water has earned its valuable experience by proposing its technical solutions to the industrial sector where absolutely pure water is needed for the various industrial processes.

High Tech Water has supplied a lot of Reverse Osmosis Plants for the production of water for many industrial uses such as food & beverages (mineral water bottling, soft drinks, juices), pharmaceuticals, textile, dairies, ice creams, hospitals, mechanical industries, steam boilers feeding, steel companies, etc.

Our plants are totally designed by the internal technical staff, assembled in the factory where also the construction welding, PVC, PE and stainless steel work is executed. The electrical control panels are engineered and assembled inside the company warehouse able to meet the client?s needs. Each plant is individually tested before shipment and detail record and archive is kept for each machine so as to grant desired after sales service and spare parts insurance for several years after the delivery of the unit.

High Tech Water has capability to manufacture the plant from minimum to maximum capacity as per client and industry requirement. Every kind of RO System spare part and chemical media is available in our warehouse to fulfill the customer need. You can see commercial and industrial RO system detail on PRODUCT page under Commercial & Industrial heading.