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If You Think Your Children?s School Is Protecting Them Against Unsafe Drinking Water ?Think Again! Unfortunately, you can’t always depend upon schools to protect your children against unsafe drinking water. When schools get their water from municipal supplies, as many do, they’re not required to test for toxins. If your child attends an older school with lead-soldered pipes, he or she may be drinking lead contaminated water. This highly toxic metal can flake off into the water, or simply leech into the water as it sits in the pipes over weekends and holidays. According to a 2010 National Geographic report, in United State a nationwide investigation discovered that the drinking water in schools in 27 states was contaminated with lead[…]

The main application of the R.O. technology in agriculture is related to the cultivation in greenhouses, where the irrigation heavily depends on water coming from wells. In several areas the high salt content of this water is considered as a serious origin problem because of the intensification of the cultures and the general progressive desertification. In order to improve the irrigation water quality many growers, especially the ones working in the plant nursery or crops on substrate, face high salinity problems with the more flexible and economically accessible solution which is the Reverse Osmosis technology. Indeed, the most important measures for determining irrigation water quality and its suitability for use in agriculture are the following: Total dissolved solids measured by[…]

The major problem today is represented in the shortage of potable water throughout the world and for many countries especially for the third world countries. An effective solution to this matter is available water resources like lakes, rivers, dams or underground pure water and only mechanical filtration and chemical conditioning of the water is enough to transform it to potable water. The groundwater high salinity is the major quality problem for potable purposes, for example high salt contents of sulphate, nitrates, chlorides, sodium, fluoride, arsenic, boron, bacteria load, make the water unpalatable to humans, unsuitable for daily personal hygiene. The membrane separation technology is used in a broad spectrum for water potabilization purposes and especially the reverse osmosis is the[…]

High Tech Water has earned its valuable experience by proposing its technical solutions to the industrial sector where absolutely pure water is needed for the various industrial processes. High Tech Water has supplied a lot of Reverse Osmosis Plants for the production of water for many industrial uses such as food & beverages (mineral water bottling, soft drinks, juices), pharmaceuticals, textile, dairies, ice creams, hospitals, mechanical industries, steam boilers feeding, steel companies, etc. Our plants are totally designed by the internal technical staff, assembled in the factory where also the construction welding, PVC, PE and stainless steel work is executed. The electrical control panels are engineered and assembled inside the company warehouse able to meet the client?s needs. Each plant[…]

Hard water is a term used to describe water with a high mineral content. Hard water presents a number of challenges in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Hard water is a regional problem for many households, especially those that use well water. This type of water has a higher concentration of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. This is a result of the ground water seeping through the soil and rocks. Hard water causes ‘soap scum’, which is as unattractive as it sounds. It leaves a sticky film on your skin and can cause itchiness and irritation. Similarly, hard water leaves your hair dull, brittle and hard to handle. Water Concept treated water reverses the curse. Love fashion? Hard water doesn’t.[…]

Model: WC-1500 Capacity: 1500 GPD Model: WC-3000 Capacity: 3000 GPD Model: WC-6000SI Capacity: 6000 GPD Model: WC-6000S Capacity: 6000 GPD Model: WC-15000-IRSI Capacity: 15000 GPD Model: WC-20000-SI Capacity: 20000 GPD Model: WC-50IR Capacity: 50 GPM DESALINATION WATER SYSTEM Water Softener Model: WC-SRI